Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second Class

Last night was our second jump and weave classes, and I think they went very well. Patty had us go first, she's having the big dogs get there at 6 to work, and the little dogs at 6:30. She set up a six jump series, one more than last week, all at 16". Wonder's first and second attempts weren't successful because I led out too far, he skipped the first two jumps and started the series with the jump I led out to. We had him go over the first and second jumps, threw a party and tried again with me closer. Seems I'm going to have to trust W to take a line ahead of us for now instead of asking him to catch up, I can definitely do that. Once again we'll be working on him taking a line with the word "GO!" As long as I throw his toy as a signal, he has enough direction from me. Hopefully I can fade that easily into an arm extension.

We also worked on turns. He completes two jumps on my right and I create an imaginary leash between my finger and his collar to "pull" him over to the jump on my left. I HAVE to remember to stay with him, especially here so he doesn't return to heel. Also, I need to throw his toy over the jump on my left at the correct time to give him direction. We did this on the other side as well and called it a night.

During weaves, Robin tapered the end of the set to see if he could complete them with less space. He had a tough go, and we tried 3 or 4 times. Thankfully, it seems he thinks of the weaves as one unit and not individual poles. He knows what his job is with the weaves, but lacks the muscle memory to keep rhythm. It'll just come down to practice, and that we can definitely do! Our job this week is to gradually reduce the channel without frustrating him too much. I have high hopes. :) Hopefully his super-fun-awesome toy will come in soon and that will encourage him to run clean.

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