Thursday, September 24, 2009

Closing In!

We took yesterday off to go run around and play like goofballs, but back to the grindstone today! Jumps went well, varied height grid of 4 with turns. He's still slightly confused about heading one way, then turning back to take a jump, but he is learning that mom is bonkers and he must watch her. I'm pleased with it. :)

Weaves went even better than I expected. I brought the whole channel in one notch and he completed them flawlessly, no missed entry, lots of enthusiasm, just awesome. He did just as well on his off side as his on, not even one missed pole! I did one on each side and called it done, I want him to know that if he does it right, I won't bore him with it again.

Then we tottered around on the obstacles, he's working some good speed on the A-Frame and DW. I'm trying to figure out what method to use for contacts. He's having a super hard time slowing down on the A-frame without sliding sideways, and I don't want him to try and jam his shoulders down past the contact as a solution. Maybe a running contact for that? We can get some slow down on the DW, but I'm not sure I want to ask him for that, he's going at the speed he's most comfortable.

We had a bit of a regression with the chute, but putting him in a down stay and calling him through a few times completely remedied that. He seems to be making word associations with obstacles now, he's pretty sure he knows what a tunnel and a teeter are. He voluntarily does the teeter, numerous times when I'm not paying attention. Goofy dog...

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