Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday was an exceptionally good agility day. :) Wonder's magic pocket tug came in, and it's everything I hoped it would be! He LOVES this thing, won't spit it out for treats even!

Jumps went pretty well yesterday, we're still working on taking a line, he wants to be right by mama. I think we'll need to do some intensive one-jump work with it for a while. He very very rarely knocks bars anymore unless there is handler error (doh!) and is collecting much more. Yesterday we were doing a five series grid with a tunnel as an added challenge at the end. He seems to know the command, and I found that if I say "Go tunnel!" about three jumps in, he'll take the last two and hit the tunnel. If only all trials were like that! ;)

Weaves rocked yesterday too. I closed the channel down one more mark, and he performed flawlessly. I closed them down another so that the whole set is only one mark from straight, and he had a really tough time finding his entrance. Hopefully Robin can help me with that on tuesday. I opened the channel on the first pole just one more mark and he got it and did the rest of the set perfectly. What an amazing dog. :)

After that we putzed around on the course that was set up, and I found out we're a fairly decent team! There were two jumps in line at the start of the course, then a 90 degree right to the AF. I said, "What the hey, let 'er rip!" Set W up, good start line stay so far, led out to the AF and had him take the first two jumps. Took the AF fairly slow on purpose to hit contacts, then there was another 90 degree right to a jump. Little trouble there due to me having a brain fart, then a 270 left to the teeter. Took the teeter, then hit the pause table where he insta-downed (thank you puppy foundations!). The next series was an offset two jump set, then over a broader jump at a 90 degree right to the first two. Yikes. I led out to the last jump, got him over the first two, and we totally biffed the third. W was confused, but popped over anyway, I called it a success and we headed to the DW, good there, crap contact so we did it again. Hit his contact and got a GO TUNNEL command, which he did. Then we partied like animals. This...could be addicting. He loved it just as much as I did, too. Seriously, best dog ever.

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  1. Agility is totally addicting! I just spent part of today mapping out our trial schedule through April and filling out all the entry forms. So much fun! Go Wonder!