Thursday, September 17, 2009

Running around in circles ain't easy!

Last night was intended to just be an easy-going training night, needed to get my prox card to Kathy, do a few fronts (WITHOUT finishes!!!) and do some sits and downs. Well, we did all that, plus weaves and a quick line of jumps. Great night, right? W's sit needed to be corrected twice, but he was dog tired. I corrected him but didn't worry too much about it.

However, I decided we should do a few rounds with the CKC people in breed ring, just for fun. I want to learn how to handle a brand new (to breed) dog, watch the judge, stack and go with the general flow of the ring. Wonder was an ANGEL, holding his feet where I placed them and tolerating this crazy new game without too much disdain for mom, who had obviously lost her mind. I got some wonderful tips from Bob and generally worked my tail off, and by the end W was holding his stack for exam while mugging my hand, presenting well with good expression and trotting instead of pacing on his D&B. I however, was sweating bullets, panting and done for the night! Bob complimented me on really working my dog the whole time we were in the ring, and said that he was surprised I was a novice handler. :) What I really need to work on is MY body placement during the freestack at the end of the D&B and keeping W's show side to the judge. Thankfully this is a weekly thing, so maybe I can just keep stealing people's dogs to get a feel.

Wonder and I trained a little this morning too, mostly weaves and a few jump lines. I removed the guides from the weaves, and other than a few pop outs, W handled it perfectly! Yay progress! For the jumps, I set up a few bounces, and then did a varied spacing with varied heights. He knocked three bars the first time due to slamming into a 24" bar that was a little too tight. After a quick WTF, we lined up again and he decided he was NOT hitting those damn bars! He thought it through, placed his feet correctly and rocked it!

Before we left, we reviewed the AF and DW. He was pretty sure both at full height were going to eat him, but we shaped through it with no force, and he did the AF 2x and the DW once before I called it a day. He was having a tough time with the DW, so as soon as he got it we threw a party and I gave him his full breakfast and free reign with his tuggie. He always seems to remember what got mama hyped up and should do much much better next time. Here's hoping!

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