Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jump and Weave

Starting this blog to keep track of Wonder's agility training specifically, but I have a strange feeling it will be a multi-discipline venture.

Last night we had out first class in both Weave 1 and Jump 1. I wasn't terribly worried about jumping because W finds that incredibly rewarding, turns out I was right on the money! The only thing we had issues with is knocking bars, Patti says he "lacks self-preservation," bluntly stated, he's a bull in a china closet! That I knew. ;) After a few sets of teaching him that a dropped bar means no cookies, he tried much MUCH harder to jump clean. No more dropped bars after that one! We did a series of six with me giving him a "GO" verbal at the third, he's just to damn fast for me to keep up! Fantastic start line stay though, good boy. We also did a few bounce sets to encourage collection. When we practiced that today he showed that he was definitely thinking about foot placement, goooooo progress!

Robin is our instructor for weaves and definitely gets the dobe mindset. We did maybe three reps of a twelve pole set with tight channel and guides the entire class. He popped out the first few times, but then understood that running all 12 earns you the toy. Again, when we practiced today he had a few instances of popping out, but when he got it right the first time we threw a major run-around-the-ring-like-a-moron party complete with tennis ball, tuggie and hotdogs. Um yeah, second time wasn't an issue, nor was the third. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this dog?

Now we're just waiting for his chewber and uddertug to get here so mom can be packing dog toy heat!!! Headed to CCSC shortly to get Kathy to fix my prox card, it doesn't like me. :(

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